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Ivanovka - a village in Ismayilli region of Azerbaijan. The last remaining Soviet-era collective farm in the country.
The village was founded in 1840 as a result of the relocation of peasants Molokans of central Russia in the Caucasus. In Soviet times, there was the name of the farm in the village of M.N.Kalinin, which was led by Nikolai Nikitin from 1953 to 1994. Under the leadership of Nikitin collective farm by the end of the 80s of the twentieth century it became one of the leading enterprises of the republic. For achievements in the development of agriculture Nikolai was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.
Currently Ivanovka has pastures, farm breeding cattle, powerful fleets, repair facilities, and a sawmill. In the village are designed for 780 two-storey school, a kindergarten, a new hospital, a hotel, a guest house, and the most expensive asphalted. Kindergarten, it is worth noting, it is to balance the collective farm and get fresh food. PBX 1000 numbers and presence almost everywhere access to the Internet also shows that all the necessary conditions for life residents have in their entirety.
Products of this village, has always been famous for its quality and taste. This contributed to the fact that we decided to introduce our products to Baku fairs. And it has paid off! Demand was great products and gradually increased and this has led us to the idea of opening a permanent store. And 02.02.2014 has opened our first store. Store assortment includes only dairy products. But gradually increased our range. On the shelves began to appear more and more new and quality products. Given the constant demand of our products and the numerous requests of our customers, in 04/20/2016, we opened our second store.
And for that, we would like to thank our customers because they help us to develop and improve. And we in turn strive to provide our valued customers with quality and fresh food every day.
Next, we decided to create and run an online store Fermer Ivanovka. The aim of our online store - is to ensure our customers that find it difficult to come to our stores, taking into account the time and distance of our famous products from the village of Ivanovka! On our site you can familiarize yourself with all of our assortment, choose what you like, and just place your order! And we all quickly deliver to your home or office!
For your own convenience, we recommend you to register on our website. Specify a name and surname, as well as the correct address and phone number. It will be convenient for you and for us!

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